What is Specifikkator

SaaS Specifikkator, helps you create specifications for your IT project.

It' an Online Wizard allowing everyboby to describe, step by step, their needs for any IT project.

Thanks to its 10 steps Specifikkator is a unique way to write-down user needs in software development. 

  • As Online software, it allows team work to build system requirement and detailed specification for your project. 
  • As web application, it allows you to work when you want, where you want from any computer connected to the Internet. 
  • As structured Online wizard, it allows you to cover all the phases of a project for a simple informative website or for software performing complex calculation. 
  • Thanks to its structure, Specifikkator allows you to efficiently collect information, a key point to gain in quality and profibality for your IT project.
  • Online wizard, Specifikkator issues document allowing any professional developer to bring the right answer to your need. 

"A project without specifications is a condemned project"

This tool can not and can never replace a professional analyst of IT projects. Specifikkator is a substitute that allows to achieve specifications. It is made for Project Owners who do not have the means or the time to rent the services of a professional, but who, at the same time, aim to describe their needs in a quality process. 

The description of these needs, generated by Specifikkator, are intended for IT professionals that need to structure the project of their customers, collecting project information in an adaptive, flexible, centralized way within a limited but smart budget.

Specifikkator is resolutely focused on project quality and is part of a suite of Guriansoft products and services.  



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