SaaS Specifikkator, How does it work?

How does Specifikkator work?

Thanks to its unique structure and approach, Specifikkator is a real method for publishing a "brief" for the development of a website, specifications and the detailed specifications of a computer application and more, for any IT Project' development.

The general principle of this SaaS is to ask a series of relevant questions about the project, its environment, structure, users, risks and security. Just by answering the asked questions you define the technical environment, the scope, the security and all the needed informations to make your project successful.

Functional description

The functional description is based keywords describing the needs. These same keywords are included in the general description.

  • Simply by giving keywords related to the software project you want to build, you may start a functional description
  • Then when giving more informations and more qualifications to your keywords you can start to write specifications,
  • giving functional process, business rules, attribute descriptions, links between keywords, functions and result.

Detailed Specifications Document

This additional document gives more detailed information on process you want your software to perform.

Expected Result Document

This additional document writes what are the expected results you want your software to produce.

Specifikkator's Approach

Upon the request of many visitors, we developed a description of our approach for functional description. As our goal is to have an interactive discussion with our customers we choose to develop a blog allowing any person concerned to exchange and share about the issue of collecting information for a new project.

We wait you on the following address:  

You can also download the PDF file here: "Specifikkator, our Key Words Approach" 







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