Specifikkator's Features

  • SaaS Specifikkator works for you. The global and detailed specifications that result, allows a professional developer to provide the answers to your needs.


Multilingual support

  • Multilingual: English, French now available. German, Dutch, Ukrainian, Russian coming soon.
  • Multilingual assistance (English, French, Russian).
  • On-line assistance via Skype, telephone, email.

Simplified UI

  • Accessibility and simplicity thanks to our on-line wizard. It will guide you through different steps of the development of your project's system requirements.
  • Sharing function available. Build your specification with colleague or partner.

Flexible and secure

  • Project's system requirements available in following formats : .pdf, .doc, .odt, .rtf.
  • Project's confidentiality warranted by a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). (*)

Online payment

  • E-payment by wire or bank card.

Online Wizard

All the information is registered and allow you to edit it when you want.

Develop your project by following 10 steps :

  • Global system requirements
  • Project Information: Describe purpose, type and architecture. Define for which users your project is aimed. 
  • Functional Description: Enter keywords describing your need, then qualify them by giving more information, grouping then and setting attributes. 
  • Project Organization: Answer a few important questions for good project accomplishment. 
  • Menu Description: Define and describe your project's menus. 
  • Risk Analyse: Describe potential and main risks of the project management. 
  • Application Set-up: Give information about global setting for the future application. And tune setting proposed by the system. 
  • Graphical User Interface: Describe how do you see the graphical interface. 
  • Sequence Description: Describe, when needed, function or group of functions that have to be run independently of the user interaction. 
  • User Definition: Define users' roles. 
  • Security: Define access restriction by user. Describe security environment for your new application. 


  • Expected Result Documents
  • The global system requirements
  • ​Detailed Specifications Document and used cases.
  • test cases specifications​

Conception, organisation, design and method are from Pier Tsaguria. 

(*) Confidentiality

Guriansoft will keep your system requirements confidential. While using the on-line tool, developed by Guriansoft, you access to your project(s) and only to your project(s). In order to ensure you a total confidentiality we generate upon your request a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This document is a warrant of our engagement to keep safe your project(s). To print the NDA you need to sign-up into the system. The data you entered for registration will be used in this document.

Download the Non-disclosure agreement


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