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Project management is first of all human interactions that cannot be simply plug in a system. I don’t believe that one method can solve all issues in project management and drive project to success. Project is a collection of entities, actions, processes, phases, process results, process reports, reports, activities and a lot of other interactions. Methods are useful as guidelines to help manager to conduct project and avoid mistakes in organisation, communication, coordination, implementation, test and release. Methods have to be taken as they are: tools. Vendors will try to convince you about obvious reasons to use their method and predict fail if you don’t follow their advice. But who already tried to implement a method from the beginning till the end of a project knows that it doesn’t work.

A numerous number of elements have to be taken in evaluation before choosing a method, the size of project, the number of person, the purpose of a business, the time frame, the object of the software, the existing requirement, and many others including but one of the most important the budget allowed to method and project’s organisation. A professional project manager will use different part of method at different stage of the project and will shift from one to another on the fall of events.

The White Paper below is a quintessence of our experience in Project Management 

Objective of the document

This document aims to describe a simple approach to hire and manage projects inside Guriansoft. This is the concern of sales, project management, project planning, developers, testers, customers, consultants and company’s management. This approach should be applicable to all actors involved in processes.

To download the full document, please, click here

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