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A method

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10 steps

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What is Specifikkator

Our experience in project management taught us that most of the projects which failed had a bad scope definition. Face to the weakness of global requirements system, and detailed specifications of a lot of IT projects, Guriansof has designed to create a tool to help Project Owners to draw-up effective specifications. SaaS SPECIFIKKATOR is a result of 20 years experience in project management, using well-known methods, mixed with our own way, to define and understand project definition. This tool assists you, in editing system requirement, to drive your software development project to success.




Why Specifikkator?

This full web tool is designed for writing successful software development specifications for any IT projects. Specifikkator assists you in the edition of a full requirements system by providing a wizard for writing specifications, by assisting you in project management, by helping you in decision making and by managing customer needs.The resulting global and detailed specifications enable a professional developer to provide the answers to your needs.



SaaS Specifikkator, How does it work?

Thanks to its unique structure and "keywords" approach, Specifikkator is a real method for publishing a "brief" for the development of a website, the detailed specifications for a software development, a computer application and more, for any IT Project developments. This SaaS's main line is to ask a series of relevant questions about the project, its environment, its architecture, users, risks and security. 


Specifikkator's Features

The web tool SPECIFIKKATOR is designed for writing successful software development specification by providing an Online Wizard for writing specification, by assisting you in project management, by helping you in decision making and by managing customer needs. This SaaS has been designed with the right balance of pertinent question, usability and technical innovations. Through 10 steps, SPECIFIKKATOR helps you to cope with a wide set of issues related to any software development. SPECIFIKKATOR provide a set of document to describe, analyse and organise your project whatever it is a website, a desktop application, an embedded application, a game or a multimedia application, a client-server application or an application for mobile devices.


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